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Android App Tutorial Series Connect with PHP,MySQL

Android App Tutorial Series ( GUIDE IS OUTDATED ) In this Series of android app tutorial we will focus on how to connect with PHP Scripts with MySQL as database and communicating with android. Basically it is used as Web Services for fetching,inserting,managing data through android app with the help of PHP Scripts. We will call […]

Get our new game Rickshaw Racer Extreme on Google Play

The new game has better graphics then the first game new Levels,new Obstsacles,new Rickshaws Rickshaw Racer Extreme is second version of the game Rickshaw Racer.It’s a fun based Rickshaw Racing game you can choose you own rickshaw ,Unlock them and use it in the game by completing levels Rickshaw will be unlock and the same […]

The Wizard Times Live Wallpaper

Our recent launch The Wizard Times Live Wallpaper is  based on Harry Potter News Paper (The Daily Prophet) . You have seen the animation in that news paper and same thing you can do in this Live Wallpaper .Capture your animation using the In App Camera Save it & set it as Live Wallpaper by Going […]

HostGator Hosting Review

What is web hosting ? Web Hosting is type of Internet Hosting service that allows users to make their website & make it accessible from WWW World Wide Web. In Short you host your files on it / save your files on it and people can access it over WWW it’s like a Computer over […]

2. Hello World!

Hello World Summary: In this tutorial i am going to show you how to create cross platform Project by just 1 line of Text in CygWin & work on it ! Requirement: Python for running the Script  Detail: Let’s start by creating Cross platform Project Let’s open CYGWIN Enter : 1. cd C:/Downloads/cocos2d-x-2.2.2/cocos2d-x-2.2/tools/project-creator 2. ./ […]

Cocos2d-x Tutorial Series

Cocos2d-x Tutorial Series (Official Cocos2d-X Image)   Introudction: Cocos2d-x Tutorial Series .From Zero to Hero . In this series i will guide you how to make Basic Game & Advance level games which includes Level created from Box2D World & much more.. IN Basic Game : Simple Game like this (Ofcourse it’s my game […]

1. Prerequisite Cocos2d-X

Welcome Guys to First lesson of Cocos2d-X v 2.2.2 Tutorial Series Prerequisite Summary:  In this Lesson i am going to teach you (Ok i am not a teacher so i am going to show you instead of  teach you “teach  -> Show) Setting up Cocos2d-x for all major Platform (Just leaving IOS  because of no MAC […]

Flying Birds made with Cocos2d-x

Title: Flying Birds Platform: Android 2.3+ Description: Once upon a time there was a Bad Man who have Locked group of birds in a Cage . Fly your first green bird who have escaped from the Bad Man’s cage Protect your-self from Forks & escape yourself from branches.Remember Bad Man’s army of birds are on there way […]

Marmalade Windows Phone 8 Contest

Now you can Submit your app until 31st December Port you already made app or Game in Marmalade & go Cross platform Marmalade supports all major Mobile Platforms write once deploy to all Link:- Rewards FREE Windows Phone Dev Center registration token FREE Windows Phone 8 Device FREE 3 month Marmalade Indie license Earn Nokia […]

Android : Too many pattern attempts Solution

Android the most popular Operating System fro smartphones now a days.The OS is Linux based designed mainly for Touchscreen & tablet devices.I am not here to talk about android History if you want to read more about android then visit this Link Android A Common prob. in android Smartphones users are facing is their smartphones […]

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