Android Push Notification using GCM

Welcome to the Android Push Notification using GCM tutorial. Introduction: Many app developers still struggle to implement Android Push Notification in their apps/games.So what is actually a push notification.Push Notification are used by developers to inform user about new messages,events or any other thing which they can see without opening their app. In this tutorial […]

Tutorial 2 : Connect Android with PHP,MySQL (JAVA Code)

Welcome to Connect Android with PHP & MySQL Series Part 2 Summary In this tutorial i will show you how to access the fetched data from PHP Script using Volley Library,Parse the fetched JSON and show it in ListView

Tutorial 1 : Connect Android with PHP,MySQL (PHP Code)

Welcome to Connect Android with PHP & Mysql Series Part 1 Summary In this tutorial i will show you how to create database, get data from PHP scripts & show it in json form which you access by a URL. 1.) Installing Wamp Server on Windows. Go to download the Wamp as per your software architecture 64 bit […]

Android App Tutorial Series Connect with PHP,MySQL

Android App Tutorial Series ( GUIDE IS OUTDATED ) In this Series of android app tutorial we will focus on how to connect with PHP Scripts with MySQL as database and communicating with android. Basically it is used as Web Services for fetching,inserting,managing data through android app with the help of PHP Scripts. We will call […]

The Wizard Times Live Wallpaper

Our recent launch The Wizard Times Live Wallpaper is  based on Harry Potter News Paper (The Daily Prophet) . You have seen the animation in that news paper and same thing you can do in this Live Wallpaper .Capture your animation using the In App Camera Save it & set it as Live Wallpaper by Going […]

Android : Too many pattern attempts Solution

Android the most popular Operating System fro smartphones now a days.The OS is Linux based designed mainly for Touchscreen & tablet devices.I am not here to talk about android History if you want to read more about android then visit this Link Android A Common prob. in android Smartphones users are facing is their smartphones […]

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