How to find a game development team to create your masterpiece?

In recent years, the Mobile game development industry has been consistently growing. With the increasing number of mobile platforms and their capacities, gaming applications have become an integral part of smartphone devices. Despite smartphones having so many features and complex structures, an essential feature in demand today is a platform for games. Game development is […]

Cross Platform Mobile Game Engines

There was a time when home PC’s were all the rage. Today, as technology has advanced, gadgets like Tablets and Smartphones have become common in every household. We not only use these gadgets to make our lives comfortable but also to get entertained. The smartphones or tablets provide us a plethora of apps in app […]

Game Engine VS Game Framework

There is often a degree of confusion lurking around them. Just like most modern that no longer have absolute definitions, there are also some technical words that don’t have any hard boundaries defined when it comes down to their definitions. And hence, the confusion. Though both of them are a part of the game development […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Mobile Game Development – 2020

A Step-by-Step Guide to Mobile Game Development Today, mobile gaming apps have become a massive part of our life. Since the last decade, we have witnessed an evolution in the gaming industry and apps. We are surrounded by all types of apps that provide us some of the other services, but gaming apps remain the […]

Top 10 Best Game Engine for Beginners

Top 10 Best Game Engines for Beginners You must have heard of the term “game engine” but do you know what it means. To know it better, you must have an understanding of the purpose of game engines. The definition of a game engine is that it is an architecture that creators use to design […]

List of Open Source Game Engine for Android

(Updated) List of Open Source Game Engine for Android Platform Summary: In this article i am going to tell you about 3 open source game engine which i have used to make Games / Live Wallpaper for android platform.

Get our new game Rickshaw Racer Extreme on Google Play

The new game has better graphics then the first game new Levels,new Obstsacles,new Rickshaws Rickshaw Racer Extreme is second version of the game Rickshaw Racer.It’s a fun based Rickshaw Racing game you can choose you own rickshaw ,Unlock them and use it in the game by completing levels Rickshaw will be unlock and the same […]

Flying Birds made with Cocos2d-x

Title: Flying Birds Platform: Android 2.3+ Description: Once upon a time there was a Bad Man who have Locked group of birds in a Cage . Fly your first green bird who have escaped from the Bad Man’s cage Protect your-self from Forks & escape yourself from branches.Remember Bad Man’s army of birds are on there way […]

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