Cocos2d-x Tutorial Series
(Official Cocos2d-X Image)


Cocos2d-x Tutorial Series .From Zero to Hero . In this series i will guide you how to make Basic Game & Advance level games which includes Level created from Box2D World & much more..
IN Basic Game :
Simple Game like this
(Ofcourse it’s my game it’s not good!)
In Advanced Game :
A Game with Box2D World Racing type game with smooth Curved Levels (Which you do in Illustrator using Pen Tool OR you can say it smooth Polygons which makes curved level)
About Me:
I am not a Professional Programmer but i know how to Use cocos2d-x,Cocos2d-xna for making Games & i feel happy to share my knwoeldge with you as you all know the Tutorials are very less and 1 ebook is in the market which is Paid so some user will find it difficult to learn Cocos2d-X which is a great for Cross Platform GamesNOTE: I am targetting Cocos2d-x 2.2.2
PLEASE NOTE : This series is Discontinued due to older version of Cocos2d-x. I will make a new Series with latest version 3.x

Last Update: 24-01-2014