Cross Platform Mobile Game Engines

There was a time when home PC’s were all the rage. Today, as technology has advanced, gadgets like Tablets and Smartphones have become common in every household. We not only use these gadgets to make our lives comfortable but also to get entertained. The smartphones or tablets provide us a plethora of apps in app stores that you can download as per your preference. 

One of the primary sources of entertainment is gaming apps. Those days are gone when people played classic and console games with average graphics and gameplay. With the advancement of technology, the mobile gaming industry is booming, and companies invest in in-game applications. Console games, mobile games can be made quickly and launched in the market. 

With technology developing rapidly, all mobile devices are becoming advanced and easier to use with faster speed. As a result, mobile game development is growing and producing many mobile games. The market is growing too, and with advanced technology comes many development tools used to make gaming apps. 

These days we are dependent on smartphones for many tasks such as sending messages or checking the news for our entertainment. The gaming industry has evolved from building extravagant games to exciting but straightforward mobile games for entertainment and engagement. Today, game development can be a successful business if executed in the right way. 

To achieve desirable success and stand out in the pool of millions of mobile applications, mobile game developers use several development tools. This article will tell you about the various cross-platform mobile game development tools that developers prefer.

Usually, to develop a game, the developers need to know coding and other tools and software to create a unique game. However, the development tools mentioned in this article don’t require the game developers to have any prior coding knowledge. 

Most of them are using a drag-and-drop framework to have a smooth and straightforward game developing experience. Such services are top-rated amongst people who want to try their hands at game development. Hence these tools are primarily used by students and amateurs without technical skills. 

However, this also leads to limited capabilities. Developers can make standard and small games using these tools and platforms. Let us discuss further into all the tools and platforms in detail.

  • Unity

Unity is a mobile game development engine that uses C# and UnityScript. Unity Technologies has created this cross-platform tool. It comes with a free as well as the paid and professional version. This platform allows you to build your game while incorporating fantastic 2D and 3D features. Unity enables the user to get assets from other 3D applications. Unity is one of the most popular development tools to help material, such as tutorials and guides. It is one of the widely used tools amongst developers and supports iOS, Android, Tizen OS, and Fire OS. So, now users can use games created with unity on all the platforms. A few examples are Angry Birds 2 and Pokémon Go. 

The packages unity provides are: 

  • Free for personal use
  • Plus edition: $25/ month 
  • Pro edition: $125/ month 


  • Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is the most suitable tool for you if you are a beginner at mobile game development. No programming skills are required, as Unreal Engine is a user-friendly platform that amateur game developers can use to create stunning games. This platform enables the developer to make changes in the games without using any coding or programming language. It has an easy-to-use interface and provides a testing service for your game. The Unreal Engine is used to create stunning 3D graphics and designs. Some games made with this software are Lineage II: Revolution and ABC Augmented Reality. Unreal Engine supports Sony PlayStation 4, Mac OS X, Xbox One, Android, Linux, VR platforms, SteamOS, and HTML5. 


  • AppGameKit

Unlike other softwares, AppGameKit can be used by both beginners and experts to develop a mobile game. It is a user-friendly platform that uses a similar programming language to C++. AppGameKit is a cross-platform mobile game development tool to support all different 

platforms at once, like Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and Blackberry. It provides two pricing plans: An average packet is $50 and the SDK can go from $39 to $99


  • SOLAR SDK (Previously known as Corona SDK)

It is a software development kit that can be used on Windows and OS X. It uses Lua as a scripting language. SOLAR SDK is a cross-platform development tool that is pretty easy to learn and use and has 2D features and plugins, which you can use to create amazing games. SOLAR is a popular mobile game development tool that is known for its clear documentation and active community. It also provides real-time simulation that allows you to see a preview of how your app will look like after the changes. SOLAR SDK supports iOS, Apple / Android TV, Android, and Windows Phone. The core functions of this software are free to use. 


  • GameMaker Studio 2

The last of many such softwares is GameMaker Studio 2. Launched by Yoyo Games, this platform allows you to create amazing 2D games. It uses the drag-and-drop feature and the easy-to-learn language that also saves on your budget for the game. It supports several platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen, Amazon Fire, and PS Vita. Its pricing varies from a free- limited version with no features to purchasing the features at $150 to $800. some of the popular games created using GameMaker Studio 2 are Hyper Light Drifter and Desert Child.


  • Buildbox

Buildbox allows the game developers to create games in a short time. There is no coding; select the images and them to assign them action or role. You can also make changes and check them in real-time. If you don’t have any technical knowledge, then this software is best for you. One of the mobile game developed by Buildbox is Timelight. Buildbox supports the iOS platform and provides three pricing packages for users:

  • Plus Plan for $15
  • Indie Plan for $35
  • Pro Plan for $99


  • Marmalade SDK

Marmalade SDK enables you to create unique games for mobiles and PC, making it one of the most preferred softwares among developers. It is a high-performance cross-platform engine for creating 2D and 3D games. It supports the C++ coding language. Marmalade’s short version supports Lua scripting, and Marmalade Web enables you to build hybrid apps using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. You can use various libraries and tools to create games and run testing as well. Marmalade supports platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen OS, and Blackberry. It can cost you around $600. Some games developed using this software are Plants vs. Zombies and many more. 


  • SpriteKit

Available on iOS and OS X, Apple launched SpriteKit, which helps create stunning 2D games. This game development tool supports both the Swift language and Objective-C. SpriteKit offers a vast range of features that enables you to create high-quality 2D games. If you plan to develop a game that runs on iOS, this is the best software for you. SpriteKit is a free mobile game development software. Some apps created by this Engine are Squashy Bug and Trestle. 


  • Construct 3

It is a platform that uses HTML5 to create 2D games. Construct 3 is comparatively easy-to-use than other game development tools, and no coding is required. Construct 3 has various features that help in developing amazing games quickly and smoothly. It also enables you to export the game for multi-platforms so you can launch for multiple devices at once. Along with iOS and Android, it supports platforms like Windows Phone and Web platforms: Google Chrome, Firefox, Kongregate, or Scirra Arcade. The software can cost you $41.92/USD


  • Clickteam Fusion

Fusion is the best mobile game development platform if a mobile game developer wants to build an event-based game. It has a user-friendly interface, and you don’t need any prior knowledge of programming. Fusion has a full library of graphics that the developer can use for the game. This software helps you design various 2D games, but it’s better to build static ones with Fusion. It supports iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. There is a free version available, but the full version ranges from $49.99 to $99.99. Some applications created using Fusion are Quadle and Bit Odyssey.



There are many mobile game development platforms and tools in the market, but we have highlighted the most widely used mobile game developers. Using one of these platforms as per your preference, you will be able to create stunning and unique games and titles. Choose your medium by keeping in mind the budget for your game and the experience you have of creating a game. Even if you don’t have any technical expertise or knowledge of programming languages, these platforms and tools enable you to create magic. The games that you create with these platforms are not less than any other made with proper coding. So give them a try and start your journey of building a unique game. We hope this article has helped you. 

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