Find a perfect Game Development Team

In recent years, the Mobile game development industry has been consistently growing. With the increasing number of mobile platforms and their capacities, gaming applications have become an integral part of smartphone devices. Despite smartphones having so many features and complex structures, an essential feature in demand today is a platform for games.

Game development is a complex process and requires much time to develop. During developing a mobile game, the developer should be well aware of the technical and non-technical aspects of the process. The team works on developing the game, which decides on the type, graphics, and other specifics of the game according to the mobile and platform model. The techniques and strategies used to build the game can differ and change accordingly.

The most crucial part of building a game is the game plot and the gameplay. With advanced mobile devices availble in the market, it becomes easier for the user to play complex games. However, the mobile game development process is expensive, so companies have started to use offshore centers. This article will talk about how games are developed and how to find a good game development team for that.

Types of gaming apps

If you want to develop a game and can’t decide the types of game that you could design, here are the few types of games that you can consider:

  • Battle Royale
  • Arcade games
  • Multi-player games
  • Action
  • Multi-player Online Battle Arena or MOBA
  • Role-playing
  • Digital Card

What do you need to develop a mobile game?

Here is what a development team needs to create a mobile game:

Game concept:

The idea is the building blocks of each game. To create an exciting game, you must have a creative plan for a mobile game. A good plan will increase the probabilities of the game application being an enormous hit. Creating a plan doesn’t essentially say that you must have an over-the-top idea for the application. It can be as easy as classic games like the Grid, which are made to engage the users. The concept of the game has to be exciting so the user can wish to play it. You’ll be able to continually add new updates with different plots to the concept later within the game.

A simple example can be taken as the bubble game; the Bubble Witch is a classic bubble game, but it is aesthetically pleasing and has a good storyline.

  • Interesting Story:

For most mobile users, games are a fun activity. Thus, if you wish for your mobile game to be played for a good amount of time, you must provide a purpose for the users to download the app and play it.

The story of the mobile game is what attracts the users to download the app in the first place. There should be a purpose for the characters, a reason for the users to play the game and complete it. The reason is to fight a villain? or to gather the elements by running continuously? You’ve got to determine a story that draws the audience.

  • The idea behind the game:

The concept of the game depends on the rules set for the players to finish the game, the gaming environment and the technology used to create the game.

  • Mobile platform:

Android, iOS, or Windows; it is important to pick the device or platform you wish to develop your game on as most users prefer Android-based mobile devices. So, it can be a bit difficult to choose between the three systems. The selection of the platforms made depending on the budget for the game; if you select one platform, you may lose a substantial amount of iPhone users. For your game to achieve a wider audience, you must choose multiple-device platforms for game development.

Before we learn about finding a mobile game development team, let’s understand the technology you need before hiring a team. The next important step while developing a game is choosing the Game Engine. The development team can decide that for your game.

Why do you need a game development team?

After you have made all the necessary arrangements, you need to discuss your requirements with the development team. For mobile game development, you need to hire developers with expertise with game engines like Unity and Unreal and programming languages like C++, JavaScript, and more as required.

A professional game development team consists of people with expertise in 3D modeling, soundtrack/audio, animation, UI/UX and visual arts. The team can include any number of members depending upon the complexity of the game. You might also need experts in:

  • Augmented Reality (AR);
  • Mixed Reality (MR); and
  • Virtual Reality (VR)

Decide a mobile engine for your game

The game engine is a platform on which the developers create the game. Hence, it’s essential to settle on a good game engine.

How to opt for a game engine?

The game engine you choose should have the options that you have to be compelled to develop the game.

Drag and drop: The game engine with drag-and-drop element saves your time. It uses one or two actions to create the game.

Format: Templates are formats for games that are useful for adding elements within the game such as soundtrack, background, and characters. However, in a few game engines, you cannot modify the game mechanics.

Coding: It the game’s basic structure. It provides you to manage the app. Coding is often straightforward yet complicated, counting on the elements you wish to incorporate within the game.

Scripting: It permits you to try to perform the scripting while not writing it again and again. It involves making nodes that confirm the action within the game.

Roles you need to build a great game development team.

  1. Programmer- develops tools and codebase of the game. It is an essential role in the team.
  2. Designer- contribute to the design of the game and creates a structure while making it more fun.
  3. Artist- creates visuals that make the game attractive.
  4. Composer- creates the music and soundtrack for the game.
  5. The project manager- manages the whole project and ensures that the game finishes on time.
  6. Tester- testing is the most important step after the game is developed. A tester checks the game for any errors or bugs.
  7. Producer- handles the business side of things like schedules and budgets.
  8. Writer- it is a crucial role for the game as the writer is responsible for the game’s storyline.

How to find a mobile game development team?

Finding a team can be a challenge. You can find a team or create a team as we have already mentioned the important roles required in the team. However, there are multiple ways of finding a group of game developers:

  1. You can look for game development communities like TIGSource, IndieDB, and Develteam.
  2. Freelance online networks like UpWork can provide you with an opportunity to hire a professional team for game development.
  3. Hire offshore developers on online hiring platforms like UpWork.
  4. You can contact us.

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Finding a talented mobile game development team can be a challenge. However, with all the prior arrangements you make, all you have to do is do extensive research on online platforms to hire a team, or you can even assemble one yourself. We hope this article has helped you.