Open Source Game Engine for Android

(Updated) List of Open Source Game Engine for Android Platform

Open Source Game Engine for Android
Open Source Game Engine for Android


In this article i am going to tell you about 3 open source game engine which i have used to make Games / Live Wallpaper for android platform.

Game EngineLanguagePlatforms2D/3DLive Wallpaper
Cocos2d-xC++,LUA,JS-BindingAndroid,IOS,Mac,Linux,Win32 others2D + 3D (50% Features as Compared to LibGDX)


LibGDXJavaWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, BlackBerry and HTML52D + 3DYes

History Cocos2d-x  (Updated)

Language: C++

Cocos2d-x is a very powerfull engine to create Games & Apps for cross platforms.It comes with editor like CocoStudio which contains Animation Editor,GUI Editor and other tools
Some games which are created with Cocos2d-x are BadLand,Hill Climb Racing.The 3D support is not completed there are some features for 3D like loading 3D FBX models,Texturing but advance features has not yet implemented.
It also comes with win32 version so if you are working on desktop you can use it in Visual studio and test.

Support: Coocs2d-x community is consist of active members which can help if you come with any error just post on their forum.

History LibGDX (Updated)

Language: C++ is used for performance but you will write the code in JAVA which will be used with NDK (Native Development Kit)

LibGDX is a good engine which can be used for creating games ,apps & live wallpaper.It has a full 3D Support from loaidng model to textures and 3D physics engine.You can use it to make baics to advance 3D Games.,
It also comes with a desktop version so if you are creating it on desktop ,you can run & test it for fast developing.Games created using LibGDX are Five Nights at Freddy’s

Support:LibGDX also has a forum for members but active members are less then Cocos2d-x

History AndEngine (Outdated)

Language: It uses same technology as LibGDX C++ for performance in NDK and JAVA Wrapper for you to use the JAVA code

AndEngine is used for 2D Games you will not be able to create 3D games in AndEngine.You can use it for Games,Apps,Wallpapers.

Support: Same as LibGDX active members are less so the chances of getting help is less then the Cocos2d-x Forum.

How to chose best open source game engine ?

It depends upon you what language,what style you like to work with.

My personal choice is Cocos2d-x as i have used it to create Rickshaw Racer and i found it interesting to work. I have also used LibGDX but for Live Wallpaper Wizard Times

Learn one game engine and you can follow the logic with other because the Logic for creating sprites is same. Physics engine is same if you are going to use Box2D ,just Programming language is different if you know JAVA then i would suggest go for LibGDX or AndEngine else if you know C++ then Cocos2d-x is the best choice.

Sample link for the features ,Use it ,Test it & Choose It

Cocos2d-x: (It’s a GitHub Directory so you have to download it and install it with Cocos2d-x Code) (Updated)

LibGDX: (Updated)

AndEngine: (Outdated)


Official Website Link:

Cocos2d-x –




(Updated) = Updated Regulary and supported with developers

(Outdated)= Outdated not updated for more then 1 year.


Note: If you would like to list your Open Source game engine then please let us know in comments